Contract-production of Nano-fiber products

Polymer sheets

We are producing various polymer sheets by contracting.

Polymer sheet photo

General Specifications

production capacity equivalent to 50,000 conventional nozzles per unit at maximum
applicable polymers [all applicable polymers to electrospinning]
applicable solvents [any solvents]
DMF/DMAc/HFIP/IPA/formic acid/acetic acid/water
/acetic ether/phenol/copper ammonium/chloroform...
manufacture sheet size arbitrary sheet size (act, 1.5m at maximum)
automatic feed of polymer up to 20L bottle or a drum can is possible
time to change materials within 5 minutes
maintenance very easy
3D surface coating possible
nano-particle coating possible
roll to roll manufacturing possible
thick film / thick coating up to several mm
high voltage 5KV - 50KV
power consumption less than 100W
(except for air conditioner, scrubber...etc)
safety - explosion-free design
- operator and environment safe design
- free from nano-fiber and organic solvent exposure